About Pam

Pam KatzI am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 17 years of experience helping people of all ages reduce their anxiety, cope with depression, and function in their daily routines. I specialize in anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, trichotillomania, school refusal, ADHD, school issues, and social skills training.

School Age Children and Adolescents
I provide parents with support and training as I work with their children who emotional and behavioral disorders, and collaborate with parents and schools to develop, implement, and maintain behavior plans. Parents are provided with support and training to improve family life.

Over the years I have facilitated training to parents and school staff on topics including depression, mental wellness, suicide prevention, ADHD, anxiety disorders, Rough Spot Training, Second Steps, school refusal, adolescent development, family dynamics, learning challenges and how they impact the individual, bullying and teasing, and Social Thinking.

Social Functioning
I enjoy helping individuals, groups, and communities enhance and restore their capacity for social and emotional functioning through cognitive behavioral therapy. Frequently, I work with school professionals to help students increase school engagement and function within the school setting while helping parents understand the resources available to their child. My work with clients enhances their problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities.

I care about my clients and support them on the road to wellness.